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By registering, you engage yourself in paying the registration fee and in participating in the [insert_php] echo $title; [/insert_php] Meeting.

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Social Dinner   I will participate in the Social Dinner
Participation in the Social Dinner is NOT included in the fee.
The Social Dinner fee is 30.00 € for participants and 40.00 € for accompanying persons.
Participants must add the dinner fee when paying for their registration.
Accompanying persons are welcome to pay on site.
The Social Dinner will be held on Thursday October 16, 2014.
Payment method * Bank transfer   Credit card
Pay your fee by bank transfer or credit card BEFORE registering, unless you are requesting a Free Registration as AIC member.
Remember to include the dinner fee and to apply the possible reduction, in case.
Please see payment instructions.
Category / fee * Student (150.00 € within July 31, 2014, 200.00 € later)
Academy/No profit (250.00 € within July 31, 2014, 300.00 € later)
Industry (400.00 € within July 31, 2014, 500.00 € later)
Reduction None
AIC member   Free Registration request (only for students who are AIC members)
A reduction of 30.00 euro applies to registration fees for these categories.
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